IT Induction Kit for New Staff

The biggest threat to IT security often comes from within.

Even with the best intent in the world, it's the actions of your people that put systems and information at risk. Poor password management, unchecked use of personal devices and inability to identify scam emails can all allow malware into business systems, causing downtime, data loss and consuming IT resources.

Sentrian has compiled this selection of resources to assist in training new team members on smart and effective use of ICT resources to help combat these problems. Complete the form to download your IT Induction Kit for new staff which includes:

  • a draft Acceptable ICT Use Policy to customise or cut and paste into your workplace procedures;
  • a training presentation to educate staff on cybersecurity threats and how to avoid them; and
  • an Induction Checklist. 

Download now and start raising your IT defences.

Download the IT Induction kit for new staff