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How to repair a broken iPhone in Australia

Matt Blowes  October 31, 2018 Hardware, Technology, BYOD

Smashed your iPhone screen? Dropped it and cracked the glass on the back? Here's how to repair your iPhone and how much it costs.

Google unveils Pixel 3, Home Hub and a new Pixel tablet: Australian release details

Matt Blowes  October 10, 2018 Hardware, Technology, IT Trends

New phones and assistant capabilities were the focus, but Google's new high-end tablet doesn't appear to be making its way to Australia.

iPhone XS and iPhone XR: Australian launch details

Matt Blowes  September 13, 2018 Hardware, IT Trends, Technology

The most expensive iPhone ever has arrived. Here's everything you need to know about the new iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Including how much each model costs in Australia and when they can be purchased.

Microsoft announces low-cost Surface Go

Matt Blowes  July 10, 2018 Hardware, Technology

Microsoft targets the lower end of the market with a new 2-in-1 style tablet. Similar in design to the Surface Pro, the new Surface Go aims to retain the creation capabilities of a PC at a reduced cost.

Group FaceTime and tongue detection coming soon to your iPhone

Matt Blowes  June 05, 2018 Technology, Software

Apple has promised performance boosts to its older model iPhone devices, multiple users can join a FaceTime chat, and Animoji gets even more life-like with tongue detection. See all the highlights from Apple's WWDC 2018.

Your business may soon receive automated calls from actual people

Matt Blowes  May 15, 2018 IT Trends, Technology, AI

Google Duplex offers the promise of calendar scheduling without the work. It's an AI technology that will arrange meetings and appointments in the background by calling contacts and businesses while you continue your day.

Microsoft is bringing Windows closer to your phone

Matt Blowes  May 09, 2018 Technology, Cloud Services, BYOD

Microsoft Launcher, Edge and Your Phone apps aim to bring a more seamless experience when going between your computer and mobile devices. The apps are powered by the new Windows Timeline.

Windows 10 receives new features with the April update

Matt Blowes  May 01, 2018 Technology

More visual changes to Windows 10 and a clever timeline feature will be implemented in the latest update, arriving just shy of the third anniversary of the operating system.

Gmail design to be refreshed, new smart features coming soon

Matt Blowes  April 17, 2018 Technology

Google is adding several new features like smart replies and confidential email to its popular Gmail service. See a preview of the changes before they go live.