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Samsung accused of making misleading water resistance claims

Matt Blowes  July 04, 2019 Technology, Hardware, Legal, Mobile

The ACCC is suing Samsung, alleging its ads for many Galaxy phones showed situations where a phone was not covered by the water resistance rating.

Queensland law firms facing cyber attacks every day

Matt Blowes  January 19, 2018 Security, Legal

Queensland law firms are being deliberately targeted by online criminals who are willing to develop one-on-one relationships with their targets.

Legal Tech: What is artificial intelligence?

Matt Blowes  October 05, 2017 Technology, Legal

Artificial intelligence may cause a revolution in the legal profession. We look at where it currently is and the roles its already starting to fill.

Legal tech: What is software robotics?

Matt Blowes  September 14, 2017 Legal

Software robotics is the next stage in automation. See who it may impact in the legal profession and what it can offer the public.

The top 4 strategies for combating cybercrime

Robert Wilkinson  September 13, 2017 Security, Legal

Cybercrime was a strong theme at the 2017 LawTech summit. Here we explain the top 4 cyber security strategies recommended by the Australian Signals Directorate.

Legal tech: What is 5G?

Matt Blowes  August 17, 2017 Legal

The groundwork is being laid for the next major mobile network upgrade, 5G. Find out what it is, when it's expected and how it may affect the legal profession.

Legal Tech: What is blockchain?

Matt Blowes  August 04, 2017 Technology, IT Trends, Legal

See how blockchain may have a profound affect on the legal professional, particularly for conveyancing, in the first of our new legal tech series.

New data breach notification laws for Australian businesses

Matt Blowes  March 31, 2017 IT Trends, Legal

Australia's new data breach notification laws come into effect Feb-2018. For businesses required to comply with the Privacy Act, here's what you need to know.

Legal chatbot now helping refugees

Matt Blowes  March 16, 2017 Legal

Automated legal services bot DoNotPay is helping would-be refugees submit asylum claims by using simple English on a platform accessible to billions.