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How-to change your Windows password

James Fletcher  November 08, 2017 How To, Sentrian #AMA

Don't let your Windows password expiry over the holidays. See how you can update your password in seconds with our quick guide.

How-to perform a speed test

Juan Moredo  September 20, 2017 Sentrian #AMA

A speed test can be a helpful tool if your connection feels slow or if you want to check and see how fast it can go. See our guide here.

How-to forward a suspicious email to the Service Desk

David Donaldson  July 05, 2017 Sentrian #AMA

Only forwarding a suspicious email will not help us prevent block spam emails in future. Learn how you can help fight spam by forwarding email as an attachment.

How can I recover files that have been accidentally deleted?

David Donaldson  May 24, 2017 Sentrian #AMA

When you accidentally hit delete, your ability to recover files will depend on where they were originally saved, & how often your company runs a backup.

Help! I think I clicked on malware! What now?

Marvin Tumbagahan  March 02, 2017 Sentrian #AMA

You've clicked on an email & now something's not right. This Sentrian #AMA outlines how to tell if it's a malware attack and what you should do about it.

Is it a good idea to regularly restart my PC?

Ralph Sleeman  February 15, 2017 Sentrian #AMA

Windows features designed to ensure your PC starts-up quickly can actually degrade performance over time. That's why we recommend restarting Windows regularly.

What to do when your laptop gets wet

Russall Whiting  January 17, 2015 Technology, How To, Sentrian #AMA

What to do when your laptop gets wet