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Stop cyber attacks with authentication

Matt Blowes  December 17, 2018 Security

More and more businesses are losing money because of compromised staff email accounts. Multi-factor authentication can minimise security risks and prevent data breaches.

Bitcoin bomb threats in new email scam

Matt Blowes  December 14, 2018 Security

Businesses across North America have received alarming fake bomb threat emails demanding Bitcoin payments. None of the emails appear credible and they have been described as spam.

Four steps toward better account security

Matt Blowes  October 11, 2018 Security

We've put together a few of our top resources so you can take control of your account security. Including how to get started with two-factor authentication and tips for using public Wi-Fi.

Password AutoFill makes it easy to use a password manager

Matt Blowes  September 24, 2018 Security, Software, BYOD

Logging into services on your iPhone and iPad is now remarkably easy. It can be done as quickly as triggering Face ID or Touch ID. Password AutoFill makes typing in usernames and passwords a thing of the past.

Malicious attacks leading cause of data breaches in new report

Matt Blowes  August 20, 2018 Security, IT Trends

The first regular quarterly report for the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme revealed an expected trend: criminals are trying to steal data and staff continue to make mistakes. See our tips for tackling both issues.

Choosing the best password manager in 2018

Matt Blowes  August 07, 2018 Security, How To

A password manager can automatically generate secure passwords & take away the need to remember multiple passwords. See our recommended service and our quick guide for getting started.

Chrome begins marking all 'HTTP' websites as 'Not secure'

Matt Blowes  August 03, 2018 Security, Software

Google implements a significant security policy shift after years of preparation. It marks a push to change the way people consider website data security.

Microsoft reveals basic security improvements can reduce attack risk

Matt Blowes  July 03, 2018 Security

The wide-ranging survey of Asia-Pacific businesses details some easy & promising recommendations, but paints a damning picture of current security practices used by many businesses.

Top 100 passwords you should stop using immediately

Matt Blowes  June 14, 2018 Security

A new graph shows weak passwords continue to be popular. Using one of the top 100 popular passwords found in recent data breaches can lead to your accounts being breached in seconds.