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Facial recognition in many phones not as secure as hoped

Matt Blowes  April 03, 2019 Hardware, Opinion, Security, Mobile

Facial recognition security in many phones from LG, Sony, Samsung & more is not secure and can easily be fooled by a simple photo. But Face ID by Apple and long passcodes remain viable security methods.

Technology Anti-Gift Guide 2018

Matt Blowes  November 27, 2018 Technology, IT Trends, Opinion

There is no shortage of dud tech gift ideas. Here are some to avoid, but we're not all negative, we've included some good alternatives in Sentrian's Technology Anti-Gift Guide for Christmas 2018.

11 quick tips for Slack & Microsoft Teams

Philip Page  November 20, 2018 IT Trends, Opinion

Workplace chat apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams can be far more productive than email, particularly if used cleverly. Here are 11 tips for improving your conversations.

Digital transformation leading tech trends in 2018

Matt Blowes  August 28, 2018 Digital Strategy, IT Trends, Opinion

Digital transformation is changing the way we look at maintaining and improving IT. Businesses are demanding more use-cases, while becoming more and more reliant on IT functionality.

Microsoft Office 2019 may have a muted launch

Matt Blowes  June 20, 2018 Opinion, Office 365, Software

We're months away from the expected release of Office 2019, yet there is little hype driven by Microsoft. See what's in the Office 2019 Commercial Preview and why Office 365 users won't notice much change.

Developing an IT security culture in 2018

Graeme Wilson  May 30, 2018 Opinion, Security

Changing a few policies & enabling a few settings can set your business on a security conscious path. See how Amazon's five steps to build a security culture can scale to organisations of any size.

People + Technology is the key to business innovation

James Sowry  October 19, 2017 IT Trends, Opinion

Technology fuels business innovation but only when placed in the hands of individuals given the freedom and time to ask 'how can this be improved?'.

Understand: Microsoft Office 365 Email Archiving

Matt Blowes  August 24, 2017 Cloud Services, Opinion, Office 365

A simple concept that can become surprisingly complex. See our breakdown of email archiving with Microsoft Office 365.

Energy providers not helping themselves in the fight against ransomware

Matt Blowes  June 26, 2017 Opinion, Security

Another week, another ransomware campaign posing as an Australian business. But some companies are making it difficult to check if an email is fake or real.