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The world beyond passwords

James Sowry  September 24, 2019 Improvement, Security

Weak passwords account for a staggering 81% of data breaches around the world, and are costly to maintain - it’s time for an alternative solution.

Queensland offers up to $10k for small business digital projects

Matt Blowes  November 23, 2016 Digital Strategy, Improvement

The Queensland Government is offering up to $10,000 to small businesses who invest in new digital technology or services.

Robots can now build homes as Australia goes automated

Matt Blowes  August 09, 2016 Technology, Improvement, IT Trends

Automation is leaving the drawing-board and entering the mainstream with this prototype of a bricklaying robot.

Xero brings big data to small business with Power BI

Matt Blowes  July 27, 2016 Cloud Services, Improvement

Xero and Microsoft Power BI are now integrated. Find out what it means and how it can enable business improvement in moments.

Where to start with automation

Matt Blowes  June 03, 2016 Technology, Improvement, IT Trends, Sentrian One

Automation has the potential to change the way we work forever. Yet many are in the dark about how it works. Find out where to start.

3 ways to keep your IT project on track

James Sowry  May 01, 2016 Digital Strategy, Improvement, Legal

IT projects offer businesses a clear pathway to improvement from the ground up and lasting change can be accomplished at a set pace.

Keys to sparking change at your firm

James Sowry  April 21, 2016 Improvement, Legal

You are a leader in a law firm responsible to a group of partners. You're ready to implement an improvement plan to create change. Find out where to start.

Prioritising practice improvement

James Sowry  April 14, 2016 Improvement, Legal

The 4 considerations that will help law firm leaders when prioritising practice improvement. Decide which ideas to implement for business improvement.

Strategic planning enables improvement with technology

Matt Blowes  April 07, 2016 Improvement, Legal, Sentrian One

Find out some essential tips and steps toward understanding why strategic planning is vital in establishing effective business improvement practices.