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Digital transformation leading tech trends in 2018

Matt Blowes  August 28, 2018 Digital Strategy, IT Trends, Opinion

Digital transformation is changing the way we look at maintaining and improving IT. Businesses are demanding more use-cases, while becoming more and more reliant on IT functionality.

Queensland offers up to $10k for small business digital projects

Matt Blowes  November 23, 2016 Digital Strategy, Improvement

The Queensland Government is offering up to $10,000 to small businesses who invest in new digital technology or services.

Stopping malware: Application Whitelisting

Graeme Wilson  May 04, 2016 Digital Strategy, Security, Sentrian One

Application whitelisting. What it is, how it works and how it can form part of your IT security kit toward preventing malware.

3 ways to keep your IT project on track

James Sowry  May 01, 2016 Digital Strategy, Improvement, Legal

IT projects offer businesses a clear pathway to improvement from the ground up and lasting change can be accomplished at a set pace.

How to talk to your IT systems

James Sowry  February 18, 2016 Digital Strategy, Improvement, Opinion, Legal

Talking to your IT systems is possible and they offer an unparalleled insight into how your business operates and how it can be improved.

SME innovation led by technology

Matt Blowes  January 25, 2016 Digital Strategy

New research from MYOB Business Monitor reveals that SME innovation is high a high priority, being led by investment in technology.

Cortana now integrated with Power BI

Matt Blowes  December 09, 2015 Digital Strategy, Improvement, Managed Services, Sentrian One

Business improvement insights are right at your fingertips with Cortana integrated with Power BI.

Pushing aside fear to reach innovation

Merryl Macleod  October 28, 2015 Digital Strategy, Improvement

Pushing aside fear to reach innovation

Get your business on Google

Matt Blowes  June 22, 2015 Digital Strategy

Get your business on Google