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Are you using Microsoft Teams to reduce e-mail?

James Sowry  September 13, 2019 Collaboration, Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams will improve productivity with on-line meetings and chat, collaborating on files and working with favourite apps - all within Office 365.

How the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S will advance workplace meetings

Adrian Scrimshaw  August 21, 2019 Technology, Collaboration, IT Trends

Meet the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, the ultimate team collaboration tool that transforms workplace meetings to another level.

How to start using Microsoft Teams

Matt Blowes  July 30, 2019 Collaboration, Office 365, Microsoft 365

See how Microsoft's collaboration app has evolved to be the most powerful tool in the Office 365 suite. Watch a 10-minute demo here.

Full guest access coming to Microsoft Teams

Matt Blowes  March 01, 2018 Cloud Services, Collaboration, Office 365

Guests can be easily added to Microsoft Teams in a matter of moments in a new update coming soon. See how to switch on guest access.

Skype for Business to be replaced by Microsoft Teams

Matt Blowes  September 28, 2017 Cloud Services, Collaboration

Skype for Business is to make way for Microsoft Teams. Find out when the transition will start and how much it can cost.

Manage frontline staff with Microsoft StaffHub in Office 365

Matt Blowes  January 19, 2017 Collaboration, News & Announcements, Office 365

Rosters and shift management is made easy with Microsoft StaffHub, a simple portal for scheduling shifts and making sure every staff member stays up-to-date.

Microsoft Teams takes on Slack for office communications

Matt Blowes  November 08, 2016 Collaboration, IT Trends

For a while, Slack has been the clear winner in the battle to eliminate email. Now Microsoft Teams is in the race, and for many won't cost an extra cent.

Unsend email with Outlook and Gmail

Matt Blowes  September 21, 2016 Collaboration, How To

Find yourself regretting hitting send after hastily writing up an email? Find out how you can take it all back before it arrives in the recipient's inbox.

Guests can now join Office 365 groups

Matt Blowes  September 19, 2016 Cloud Services, Collaboration

Microsoft have announced guests will soon be able to join private Office 365 Groups. See the new feature in action before it goes live.