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How to repair a broken iPhone in Australia

Matt Blowes  October 31, 2018 Technology, BYOD, Hardware

Smashed your iPhone screen? Dropped it and cracked the glass on the back? Here's how to repair your iPhone and how much it costs.

Password AutoFill makes it easy to use a password manager

Matt Blowes  September 24, 2018 BYOD, Security, Software

Logging into services on your iPhone and iPad is now remarkably easy. It can be done as quickly as triggering Face ID or Touch ID. Password AutoFill makes typing in usernames and passwords a thing of the past.

Microsoft is bringing Windows closer to your phone

Matt Blowes  May 09, 2018 Cloud Services, Technology, BYOD

Microsoft Launcher, Edge and Your Phone apps aim to bring a more seamless experience when going between your computer and mobile devices. The apps are powered by the new Windows Timeline.

One step for lawyers to go mobile

Matt Blowes  February 24, 2017 BYOD, IT Trends, Legal

As more legal professionals are expected to work outside the office, find out tips how to get started, stay safe and make the most of Microsoft OneNote.

How a 350-person company ditched desktop PCs

Matt Blowes  January 20, 2016 BYOD, IT Trends, Managed Services, Sentrian One

The 350-person NSW Cancer Council is replacing desktops and phones with notebooks, tablets and Skype. Your business can innovate with BYOD too.

Productivity tips for your workspace

Matt Blowes  November 18, 2015 Technology, BYOD, Hardware, Sentrian One

The right tools and feeling comfortable are the keys to boosting your productivity and it starts right at your desk.

The right tools for BYOD

Matt Blowes  September 14, 2015 BYOD, Managed Services

The right tools for BYOD

VMware offers new app access management tool

Matt Blowes  September 07, 2015 BYOD, Managed Services

A ‘single sign-on experience’ for employees is one of the key announcements from this year’s VMworld in California.

Making BYOD work for your business

Matt Blowes  August 19, 2015 BYOD

Making BYOD work for your business