The right tools for BYOD

Matt Blowes September 14, 2015 BYOD, Managed Services

With the right Bring Your Own Device tools, it's amazing how many functions and controls your business can take advantage of.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software offers your business the ability to turn your BYOD Policy into a reality.

These are just some of the many features MDM is capable of, depending on the solution you choose and the devices used in your workplace:

  • Security – enforcing PIN/password usage; remote device lock/wipe; data encryption; Jailbreak/root detection; and data loss prevention
  • Device Management – remote configuration; remote operating system and application updating; remote inventorying; and remote control
  • Application Management – application blacklists; enterprise app stores; app security; and data wipe by application
  • Management & reporting – dashboard style reporting on mobile device deployment and performance across the organisation

The best MDM tools provide a centralised portal from which your business can simply manage BYOD.

Monitor your BYOD rollout

A successful BYOD program takes time. It's likely employees will only sign up when they buy a new device or hear positive experiences from their colleagues. Word of mouth reputation can be vital. Remember initial incentives can go a long way in building lasting success.

At the same time BYOD must meet business objectives. Monitor whether cost reduction is occurring, consider recommendations from BYOD employees and look at how apps and integration with other cutting-edge technologies like SaaS can offer increased value.

You're ready.

From finding out where to start with BYOD through the rest of our series, we've looked at some of the tricks and tips in making BYOD successful for your business.

Contact us to find out how BYOD can personally benefit your business or get a comprehensive overview from our Beginner's Guide to BYOD.
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