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Matt Blowes May 21, 2015 Security

Our very own Alex Uhde recently came across Intel’s Password Strength Test.

You can use the simple test to find out how quickly hackers can crack your password.

We’ve tested passwords that meet most minimum requirements yet can still be cracked in minutes!

We recommend testing something similar to your actual password to see how long it can stand up.

If you find your password(s) are vulnerable, Intel recommends three tips for a secure password:

  1. Create a strong password – include multiple character types, numbers, capitals and make it LONG (8-10+ characters)
  2. Use multiple passwords – don’t use the same password across services.
  3. Diversify social passwords – you may have one password for social networking, but add a suffix for the service. Eg, your password+FB1 for Facebook, your password+Tw1tr for Twitter.

Find out more about creating a strong password in our quick guide.

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