Productivity tips for your workspace

Productivity tips for your workspace

Matt Blowes November 18, 2015 Technology, BYOD, Hardware, Sentrian One

Having the right tools and feeling comfortable at your desk is the first step to improving productivity. Whether it’s your own desk or a shared workstation, a few tweaks can go a long way to making your working environment easier to manage.

We're looking at some of the devices and tweaks you can use day-to-day. Here are some basic IT endpoint tools that free your work environment from a sense of being boxed in.

Dual screens

Expanded desktop workspace is a godsend. With two or more screens it’s easier to manage all the program windows you may have open by monitoring many of them at a time. No constant alt-tabing or scrolling. Plus you’re able to take full advantage of Windows Snap, lining up windows as pictured below.

windows snap

The benefit of dual-screens are their combined resolution, you simply have more (double) the pixels to work with.  Studies have also shown that simply providing a dual monitor workstation can increase individual productivity by as much as 50%.

Some prefer a single large display with a very high resolution (like a 4K television). But these are often much more expensive than two monitors and lack the natural segmenting of program windows that will be of benefit in the workplace.


A good quality and configured headset can be transformative. They can bring together all the ways you communicate in the office. Besides office policy, you can listen to music through your computer without missing email or other work notifications. But they really show their benefit when tied with an IP telephony system that allows calls to be made or answered right without interruption without madly scrambling for your player’s pause button.


Computer docks come in all shapes and forms. They offer the ability to connect any type of peripheral without fumbling around on your computer trying to find a spare port. They may be as simple as a USB 3.0 dock, add new connection types such as Thunderbolt or USB Type-C or even custom fit your laptop to transform it into a desktop (this works well with dual-monitors!).


For all the improvements since the first ball-mice, mousepads remain. Whether you have the latest optical (red-blinking) or laser mouse, a smooth constant surface. You might not realise it, but using a mouse directly on your desk often produces a small amount of drag and inconsistent movement – just try drawing a straight-line in paint. They’re cheap, rarely in need of replacement and best of all –create a sense of free flowing movement at your workstation.

Getting Started

Taking advantage of these productivity tools is easy. We have two recommended pathways to get started:

1. Consider the latest HP workstations

Sentrian One offers dual-screen HP workstations as part of our Standard Technology Stack.

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2. Trial BYOD in your workplace. 

BYOD can allow each person in the office to use the IT tools they understand. This boosts not only productivity but also reduces downtime.

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