Try a practice ballot before voting in the federal election this weekend

Try a practice ballot before voting in the federal election this weekend

Matt Blowes May 13, 2019 Technology, IT Trends

Australian's can try a dummy online ballot paper ahead of the federal election on Saturday May 18 thanks to an interactive practice voting tool from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

The tool mimics the appearance of a real House of Representative and Senate ballot paper but with placeholder candidates and parties. 

It is designed to help voters understand how to selectively preference in the Senate and how to complete a valid ballot. 

Since the 2016 federal election, there are two valid methods for voting for Senate candidates. Vote above the line and preference a minimum of 6 parties; or vote below the line and preference a minimum of 12 candidates. 

Despite no longer being required to fill every box above or below the line on the Senate ballot, voters are still encouraged to preference as many candidates as possible.

You can access the practice voting ballots here:



Example portion of a Senate ballot

In the House of Representatives, all candidates must be given a preference.  

AEC runs fake news awareness campaign on social media

The AEC is also asking voters to "stop and consider" their news sources in a new effort to combat fake news online. 

The awareness campaign asks voters to question the legitimacy of news stories and social media posts before accepting them as truth. 

The campaign suggests you should consider: (1) if the material comes from a reliable source, (2) if it is current, and (3) if it is safe or a scam.  

Detailed advice from the AEC is available here

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