Password AutoFill makes it easy to use a password manager

Password AutoFill makes it easy to use a password manager

Matt Blowes September 24, 2018 BYOD, Security, Software

Password AutoFill makes using a password manager on your iPhone or iPad dramatically easier. The new OS 12 update allows you to auto-complete login screens using third party apps for the first time. 
That means opening a password form and finding your username and password already entered. No more typing in, and no switching between apps and copy-and-pasting passwords. 

AutoFill using a third party app also allows you to seamlessly jump between your devices. For instance, having a password manager installed in a browser on your Windows computer that syncs to your iOS device. 

Password AutoFill is a big deal

A significant barrier to better account security is ease-of-use. A difficulty of strong passwords and password managers is simply using them because of their complexity. On mobile, this has resulted in having to go to a online service, switching to your password manager app, copying the username and pasting it in the service; then repeating the process for the password. 

Password AutoFill is smarter. 

Here is how it works using LastPass (no audio):


Compatible third party password managers include LastPass, Dashlane and 1Password. Apple's integrated iCloud Keychain also works with the feature. 

In practice, Password AutoFill occasionally does not detect a login in form and will not suggest entering your username and password. A quick work-around is to select the password field first, AutoFill should then detect the form and complete both fields. 

See our guide how to get started with the LastPass password manager here

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