One step for lawyers to go mobile

One step for lawyers to go mobile

Matt Blowes February 24, 2017 BYOD, IT Trends, Legal

A simple notes tool for a lawyer on-the-go can make a real difference to productivity and performance. 

Take being able to provide answers without being previously briefed; or being able to record and file documents, photos, videos and audio. Mobile technology can already do this for mobile lawyers. And once lawyers try it out, these resources will quickly be taken for granted.

One single, robust app

Lawyers able to work anywhere start with a smartphone. If longer or more comprehensive note-taking is required, a tablet or laptop is added. These devices are more than capable of meeting the demands of legal services. But keeping them organised takes planning. 

Microsoft OneNote meshes together multiple note-taking methods. Typing, hand-writing, voice recording, or others. It's your choice how matters or meetings are recorded. Long used as a note-taking tool in the education sector, OneNote is gaining traction in the legal professional due to is ease-of-use, customisation and sharing features.

Law Technology Today recently featured OneNote and pointed to how was easy it is to get started.

"When I start work on a new project/matter, I create a new  Notebook where I take notes and add other materials pertaining to that project/matter. For example, when I create a Notebook for a new contract negotiation with a customer it serves as my singular digital repository to capture and have easy “one-stop shop” access to all of my notes pertaining to that negotiation and key collateral like important customer background information,  Word documents/PDFs of proposals and contract terms, excel spreadsheets of contract issues lists, important emails, customer contacts, the links to the LinkedIn profiles for those contacts, etc…" - Dennis Garcia, Assistant General Counsel for Microsoft

Mobile lawyers only need a phone

A tablet or laptop may appear like a requirement for lawyers on the go. But many find using a phone can cover the bases. Here are some helpful tips for getting started as a mobile lawyer:

Get started with help

Not sure where to begin? Started using OneNote and need a little assistance? Contact your Sentrian Client Services Manager for tips and advice on how to take your firm mobile.

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