Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 now available

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 now available

Matt Blowes April 03, 2019 Technology, Software

Developers can now download the new Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 after a special day long launch event on April 2. Microsoft released VS 2019 for both Windows & Mac. 

Microsoft says VS 2019 allows faster access to begin coding by, "making it simpler to clone a Git repo or to open an existing project or folder" and making template selection screen improvements. 

Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Visual Studio, John Montgomery, highlighted other new features including:

  • Improved code navigation and additional refactorings
  • Document health indicator
  • One-click code clean-up to apply multiple refactoring rules
  • Improved debugging: data breakpoints for .NET Core apps that break only on value changes you’re looking for.
  • AI-assisted code completion with Visual Studio IntelliCode.


VS 2019 for Mac

Visual Studio for Mac also received a significant update but not all the new features have been finalised.

VS 2019 for Mac includes an entirely new C+ editor but remains an opt-in only option for now. You can find out the details here

Other new features include a new start window, ability to run multiple instances and more. See the Microsoft blog on the Mac release here

Visual Studio 2019 Resources

You can download the new Visual Studio 2019 from Microsoft here

Documentation is available here. The official release notes for VS 2019 are accessible here

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