Microsoft recalling Surface Pro power cords

Microsoft recalling Surface Pro power cords

Matt Blowes January 27, 2016 Technology, Hardware

surface-ac-power-cord AC Power Cord

Microsoft has issued a warning and recall to Surface Pro owners after finding some power cables sold with the tablets pose a serious safety and fire hazard. The recall applies to 285,000 Surface Pro devices sold in Australia between 2013 and mid-2015.

The recall applies to any of the following devices sold on or BEFORE 15 July 2015:

  • Surface Pro;
  • Surface Pro 2;
  • Surface Pro 3 .

The recall applies to all listed devices sold in the period listed, the AC Power Cord does not have an identifiable serial number. If you own a device listed, you should stop using the AC Power Cord immediately.

AC Power Cord plugged into Power Supply AC Power Cord plugged into Power Supply

Microsoft is recalling the AC Power Cord because it is known to fail where the cord connects to the external Power Supply (or brick), exposing its internal wiring. The wiring carries a live 240v charge, posing a serious risk of fire or personal injury.

The Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio said 50 of the cables had reportedly failed in Australia. However there have been no instances of damage or harm.

If you have a Surface Pro device in the recall we urge you to begin the replacement process here at the Microsoft website. If you have purchased your Surface Pro device(s) as part of a business agreement, contact Microsoft at 1300 956 757.

Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, non-Pro Surface devices, or Surface Pro 3 devices sold after 15 July 2015 are not affected by this recall.

Further information is available at

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