Microsoft's re-engineered Edge web browser enters public testing

Microsoft's re-engineered Edge web browser enters public testing

Matt Blowes April 11, 2019 Technology, IT Trends, Software

Microsoft is allowing the public to preview its new Chromium-powered Edge web browser on Windows 10.
Edge is the successor to the infamous Internet Explorer browser and first debuted with Windows 10 in 2015.

Microsoft first announced it was changing Edge's underlying technology back in December. While the move to Chromium is a significant change, it's largely behind-the-scenes with one major exception.

That exception? You can install and use Google Chrome extensions in the new Microsoft Edge. 

The comparative lack of extension availability and support on the current Edge browser has often been cited as a reason for many people choosing to use Google Chrome. 

What does the new Microsoft Edge mean?

For today, nothing. Microsoft Edge will remain the same.

At some point in the future, likely this year, Microsoft Edge will receive this major update.

The browser will likely continue to look the same, but the home page/new tab window may look different, you may be asked to confirm some settings, and it may load pages faster.  

Will it have improvements over Internet Explorer and the current Edge?

Microsoft and Google engineers are working together on Chromium to ensure the new browser runs smoothly when released to the general public. 

Microsoft is emphasising how fast and lightweight the new Edge will be. To compete with Google Chrome, they've released a list of features they've replaced or removed to demonstrate why Edge will be faster. 


What's next

The new Microsoft Edge is now available in a public test on Windows 10 aimed at web developers. We do not recommend you use the test version of the browser for work purposes as it may be unreliable.

Sentrian website as seen in Microsoft Edge Chromium Dev buildSentrian website as seen in the first Microsoft Edge Chromium Dev build

If you wish to preview the new Microsoft Edge, please install it on a personal device. 

Testing will continue, including a more stable public beta to be released at a later date. 

Eventually the new Edge browser will be released on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 & macOS. 

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