Meet the new Microsoft Office icons

Meet the new Microsoft Office icons

Matt Blowes November 30, 2018 IT Trends, Office 365

Some of the well-known icons we click every day are finally getting a makeover. The Microsoft Office suite is receiving new icons that will be reflected across the range of desktop and mobile apps.

The icons have small design cues, like the lines of a Word page and the cells of Excel sheet, to ensure they are immediately familiar for users. 

New Microsoft Office icons

Despite the simple announcement, Microsoft was vague on when we will be able to use the icons.

"Our new icons will begin rolling out across platforms in the coming months, starting with mobile and web," said Jon Friedman, Head of Microsoft Office design.

Microsoft Office icons 2018

Microsoft Office 2019 was released back in September, but it barely make an impact due to Microsoft's focus on Office 365. Office 365 subscribers already had the new features found in the 2019 edition.

You can read more about the design philosophy behind the new icons at Microsoft Design's Medium page here.  

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