Saving clients from the 'Blue Screen of Death' with managed updates

Bas van Nunen August 21, 2014 Sentrian One

Unlucky Windows 7 users have recently been plagued by the infamous 'Blue Screen of Death' after the operating system's latest round of updates.

Microsoft has since pulled the update and announced a fix but it was too late for some users.

However, all Sentrian managed clients should have avoided this serious error thanks to proactive patch management.

How Windows Updates work for Sentrian managed clients

The second Tuesday of each month sees Microsoft's 'Patch Tuesday'. Patch Tuesday is a round-up of important security and bug fixes for Windows and related software. A typical Windows PC will download and install these updates automatically.

Rather than having these updates install automatically, we monitor and select the appropriate updates for your office's configuration. This allows us to avoid serious errors, like last week's disastrous update, and filter out any unnecessary software Microsoft may push out on Patch Tuesday. After this monitoring and review is complete, we then setup the selected updates to be installed after the first Sunday of each month.

This approach to managing updates means that although your computers and servers are not be immediately up-to-date following each Patch Tuesday, you do avoid the major system downtime and significant hits to office productivity that your competitors experience when things do go wrong.

Not on a Sentrian managed agreement?

If your business is not covered by Sentrian's Sentrian managed service and you have experienced problems with the latest Microsoft update, Microsoft has released a fix, but if you're not familiar with fixing these types of errors or using the system registry it's not recommended you do it yourself.

Find out how to fix the BSOD update here, but note you will need the original Windows install software that came with your machine.

If you have any questions about Windows Update, how Sentrian manages security and bug fixes or any other information, contact your Sentrian Client Services Manager.


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