Making BYOD work for your business

Matt Blowes August 19, 2015 BYOD

We've discussed what BYOD is and how it can benefit your business, now you're ready to put it to work.

There is great freedom in deciding how your business will use BYOD. With no one correct way of implementing and operating a program, success is a matter of balancing how you wish it to operate and the practical capabilities of the tools you choose.

Choosing your approach

Defining the purpose and scope of your BYOD program can be simple.

It may range from employees only having access to their email accounts on their devices to complete access  files and applications outside the office.

The purpose and scope may change over time once BYOD is established.

Define the policy

Here is where your BYOD program begins to take shape. How it will operate will be specifically defined with consideration of key legal, financial, security and other implications.

Asking some simple but pointed questions will get you on track.

  • Are there only select devices you want to allow in the program? Or should devices meet a set of minimum requirements?
  • What data will be accessible on BYOD devices? Will there be specific apps used? Will they be web or operating system based?
  • Will you have incentives to kick-start employee up-take? Offer discounts for specific devices or subsidised mobile/data plans?

Remember to address any privacy concerns of your employees. Balance those concerns with the level of security your business requires.

Terms of use

BYOD is often shaped by the tools used to manage each program. Full functionality and customisation across every possible device is impossible. A considered terms of use as part of your policy can manage these limitations and aid compliance with the BYOD policy.

Where the tools of your policy may fall short, the terms of use agreement will define acceptable practice for users bringing their own devices.

In our next piece we will discuss selecting the right tools to bring your BYOD program to life and how to monitor its progress.

If you're ready to take the next step now, or would like a to know more about how BYOD can benefit your business, download our Beginners Guide to BYOD below or contact us.

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