How legal firms begin to update their processes

How legal firms begin to update their processes

Matt Blowes October 06, 2016 IT Trends, Legal

Law firm leaders are ready to move on from manual, out-dated processes. However they're faced with a problem: finding a starting point.

ALPMA's annual report on the legal landscape, conducted this year in partnership with InfoTrack, has revealed firms are failing to launch process improvement plans. This is despite 78% of firm leaders saying opportunities are available to move on from outdated processes.

The infographic below offers an insight into the report's results. Including the fact workflow automation deployments are lagging behind expectations. Firms are missing an opportunity to automate processes when they could be starting with small, non-legal processes.

The 2016 ALPMA/Infotrack 'Adapting to the Changing Legal Landscape' report points to a single area where firms have begun process improvement plans: flexible working practices. That means adopting the right technology solutions for partners and solicitors to work from home. Updating other processes, such as adopting increased levels of automation, are merely in the early planning stages.


If you'd like to know more about automation, or how technology can innovate you legal practice, please feel free to contact a Sentrian Client Services Manager to discuss where to start.

Please also visit ALPMA to view the full 2016 report.

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