IT spending reveals where businesses are failing in 2016

IT spending reveals where businesses are failing in 2016

Matt Blowes January 29, 2016 IT Trends, Security

Security fears, end-of-life devices and flat budgets. The Spiceworks' 2016 State of IT report points to a year of high risks and missed opportunities. It offers insights for the next 12 months based on IT spending predictions from 800 IT pros across North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Some of the key themes from the latest report are:

  1. IT spending is unlikely to increase, despite expected increases in revenue.
  2. Desktops will lead hardware spending, possibly due to older devices reaching end-of-life.
  3. Security is a widespread concern among IT pros, many fear businesses aren't doing enough to protect themselves.
Where businesses are targeting their IT spending

IT spending is going to stagnate is 2016. Budgets, staffing and security measures are all expected to remain at current levels despite the fact revenues are likely to increase in 2016. Inevitably this will increase strain on IT resources and it may even show a trend backwards to a bad habit, waiting for things to break.

state of it 2016-2

Perhaps the best evidence of management ignoring IT expertise is where hardware spending is being directed. Despite the opportunities presented by BYOD, and the examples organisations varying their hardware mix, desktops remain the largest focus of spending at 21% of hardware purchases. Instead of meeting the challenge of digital disruption, businesses still put devices reaching end-of-life status as the driving factor behind hardware IT spending (66%).

Security is being forgotten

59% of businesses said they don't adequately invest in IT security; 74% said they don't change security practices after newsworthy breaches. Yet security is the most important aspect of IT now and in the future according to over 70% of respondents.

The problem with IT security is that many businesses take a reactive approach. Breaches and threats are only managed when or after they've happened.

Proactive IT security the minimum standard going forward. Waiting for a security breach is not acceptable in a business environment. Security incidents over the last year have shown not only the grave consequences of data loss on a business but how IT security breaches can alienate clients and customers.

You can read the full Spiceworks 2016 State of IT report here. It includes further details on IT trends and the driving factors behind where IT spending is directed.

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