Introducing You Centred Technology

Introducing You Centred Technology

James Sowry March 26, 2019 News & Announcements, Sentrian One

You may have noticed we have a bright new website on!

We've given our website an overhaul to better reflect our current services and to show how our services will develop moving forward.

The new website also sets out:

  1. How Sentrian provides a comprehensive technology experience to better help people.
  2. The journey and steps to joining Sentrian. 

We will continue to develop and improve the website over the coming weeks and months, and we welcome any feedback. 

You Centred Technology

You Centred Technology embodies how we provide our services and will continue to guide us moving forward. 

We deliver You Centred Technology by providing the tools, skills and support to help you and your colleagues be more productive.

You Centred Technology puts our ethos in clear terms. It reflects our values and demonstrates how our internal values create a better service for you and your organisation. 

You can read more about You Centred Technology on the new Our Difference page here

Sentrian Online

If you're unfamiliar, we have three web portals where you can find helpful information:

  • – our main website, providing information on who we are and listing our range of services.
  • Help – our Support portal, where you can find knowledge-base articles and Service Desk information.
  • Blog – the latest news and information for everything in business technology. A summary of the blog highlights is sent once a month in our newsletter.

Please comment below or contact us if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback. 

Sentrian Help

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