Introducing the Sentrian Help knowledge-base

Introducing the Sentrian Help knowledge-base

Matt Blowes September 04, 2018 How To, News & Announcements, Sentrian One

Sentrian Help is our newest online resource. Help is a search-driven knowledge-base designed to offer quick answers to common questions and issues.

Help is accessible at:

To get started, begin typing in a topic in the live search bar and results will begin to appear. 

Sentrian Help search bar

The  search bar is found in the middle of the Help homepage, and the top right of every other page.

At the bottom of every Help article is a 'Related Articles' section with suggested pages that cover similar topics. 

If you'd like us to create a new guide that we are missing, we're eager to hear your idea. 
Please submit your suggestion here

You're powering Sentrian Help

Your feedback will shape how Sentrian Help improves. Near the end of each article is a simple tick or cross button.

 Sentrian Help feedback options

Sentrian Help - Top Rated Articles

By clicking one of these, you're letting other users know that the article is helpful. It will promote the article in the right sidebar of article pages as a 'Top Rated Article'. 

Each tick is a single point, boosting the article's position, and this explains the number next to a Top Rated Article.

Most pages also have a comments section below the feedback request. You can leave feedback, discuss your experience trying solve similar issues, it's up to you. 

Help is an evolving resource

Sentrian Help will be regularly updated. New articles will continually be added, and older articles will be revised and improved as new knowledge becomes available.

You can check how recently each article has been updated by scrolling to the bottom of the page. After the content of the article  there will be a message reading: Updated on Month DD, YYYY

Sentrian's online presence

We have three main resources :

  • – our main website listing our range of services.
  • Help – our Support portal, where you can find knowledgebase articles and Service Desk information (you are currently using Help).
  • Blog – where you are currently. The blog has the latest news and info for everything in business technology. You can receive a summary of the highlights once a month by subscribing to our newsletter.

We are also on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, however be aware they are not official support channels.

Your feedback is always welcome, please feel free to contact us or comment below if you have any recommendations.

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