Introducing Mobile Device Management (MDM)

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The importance for effective mobile device management is growing rapidly as multiple mobile devices continue to flood the market and are being used in the workplace.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a secure service offered by Sentrian that gives you complete control; enabling you to maintain security, monitor, maintain and support for Apple, Android, Windows phones and tablets as well as other mobile devices. Devices can be company supplied, staff owned, or a combination of both.

Why Mobile Device Management?

A few simple reasons include:

  • Manage, Control and Secure your mobile devices
    • Secure Android phones, tablets, iPads and iPhones
  • Protect the corporate data that's on your devices
    • Enforce a strong password policy
    • Remotely lock and wipe via SMS
  • Control all of your mobile devices
    • Easily track all of you mobile devices
    • Locate any device
  • Improve productivity
    • Sentrian provide remote device servicing, cutting down time to fix problems and keeping staff productive
    • Comprehensive device and telecommunications usage reports

To find out more about MDM contact our team or visit our dedicated page.

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