How the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S will advance workplace meetings

How the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S will advance workplace meetings

Adrian Scrimshaw August 21, 2019 Technology, Collaboration, IT Trends

For a long time, workplace team collaboration was just that; long meetings that compel all parties to be in attendance, conventional video conferencing tools with little visualisation, and an average display that doesn’t support the integration of applications and software. All this is about to change!

With innovations such as Microsoft interactive whiteboard, and Surface Hub family, businesses are now enjoying a more immersive experience during workplace meetings. What’s more, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is the latest launch of the Surface Hub whiteboard family, and it feels different. It boasts more features than ever that might actually deliver on the promise of bringing workers together in the most seamless way.

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is an all-in-one interactive whiteboard collaboration device built for teamwork delivery, a meeting platform, and a fully integrated Windows 10 computing experience in one device. The Surface Hub 2S comes with a substantial 50” screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio, wideband stereo speakers, and a 4K web camera designed to make meetings feel more inclusive. The whiteboard brings remote colleagues closer; everyone is heard and seen and can participate with a 4K camera and 4K+ resolution. The screen resolution and size allows you to see up to four teammates simultaneously at close to life size in full high definition.

Moreover, the real “cherry on top” for the Surface Hub 2S is with Microsoft’s partnership with Steelcase to pair the screen with a rolling stand. This allows you to scoot around with your whiteboard as it includes a built-in battery designed to last over an hour and a half without plugging into the power supply. The best part is you really only need to run down the battery when you have to unplug and move the screen from one conference room to another.

Another thing worth noting about the Surface Hub 2S is how stylish, sleek and flexible it is while still combining all key meeting room technology into one portable unit; presentation, whiteboard, video conferencing, and the collaboration tools built into the Microsoft 365 suite. The Surface Hub 2S is excellent for organisations encouraging team collaboration using tech rather than paper. It’s definitely a great match for any business wanting to enjoy shorter meetings or using flexible meeting spaces and may have the need to easily relocate the conference equipment, even mid meeting.

The Surface Hub 2S comes with extra screen real-estate that is fantastic for document creation and editing, not just viewing during presentations. It also comes with full precision windows ink support and stylus pen. With cutting edge technology, this pen reduces the error of parallax, making the writing experience feel much more realistic, like ink is actually flowing from its tip.

If your business relies on team collaboration to be successful, then the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S may offer a compelling return on investment for your business. At around $15,000 for the fully optioned 50” model, and assuming a useful life of three years, this provides a rough cost of $20 per working day.

The Surface Hub 2S is due in Australia in early 2020. Please speak with your Client Services Manager for more details.

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