How a 350-person company ditched desktop PCs

Matt Blowes January 20, 2016 BYOD, IT Trends, Managed Services, Sentrian One

By the end of 2016, the 350-person NSW Cancer Council is set to have no desktop PCs or desk phones. None.

IT News reports that in their place will be a combination of devices: notebooks, tablets, hybrids, mobile phones and Skype-headsets. Different devices for different employees, based on their practical needs.

CIO Branko Ceran made the decision to go "mobile-first" after determining 90% of the Council's workload was off-premises. It simply didn't make sense for an organisation that so heavily operates outside the office to be tied down.

Replacing desktops is a huge decision for a business. But the NSW Cancer Council's decision shows it is possible.  It shows a need to determine the best tools for each employee to get their job done.

You define your devices

What's the most significant aspect of the Cancer Council's decision in replacing desktops? The technology is ready. It's only a matter of motivation.

Your business will decide how to take up BYOD. Employees may bring their own devices compliant with set criteria. Or employees may take up one of several device kits. Defining this policy is ultimately down to your business priorities.

Even retaining some desktops, particularly light footprint HP mini-PCs, can fit into a business-wide BYOD policy.

Replacing desktops starts small 

Diversifying the technology in your office doesn't take a dramatic change overnight. The NSW Cancer Council's move is toward the extreme but they didn't start the change irrationally.

Introducing BYOD can start with a pilot program. The Council first ditched desktops at only one regional office of its 14 across the state. Employees from the other offices were then invited to see how it worked in practice.

Your business can do the same, even if it begins with only a handful of employees.

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