Wrap-up: Highlights from CES 2019

Wrap-up: Highlights from CES 2019

Matt Blowes January 09, 2019 Technology, Hardware, IT Trends

Every year the world of tech kicks off new announcements at the Consumer Electronics Expo (CES) in Las Vegas. The 2019 edition is upon us.

As is tradition, there are endless TVs, laptops and new innovations on show. Besides the laptops, many devices won't be made available to the general public. They're either prototypes or in some cases impractical (see vapourware).

Here are some of the key laptop announcements for products that will become available:


 HP Spectre 15-inch with AMOLED display

HP Spectre 15-inch with AMOLED display

FlexPai foldable Android phoneInnovations
CES show the difficulty in converting prototypes into mainstream products

The last time I posted about CES, I ridiculed the Hair Coach. It was a US$200 "smart" hairbrush that warned if your hair was damaged or tangling. 

Good luck finding one today. 

The quick disappearance of the Hair Coach is emblematic of many products and technologies shown off at CES. A device will have a shiny key feature but is otherwise a confusing mess. Leaving you wondering why the tech exists and what purpose it serves. 

As Nilay Patel at The Verge points out, tech needs to work and be simple to use if it's to have success. 

Instead, what we see at CES is a hazy glimpse of future technology. Some tech will go on to be integrated into more mature products, a rare device will see mass production, but most will be forgotten.

Sentrian Fibre1000

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