Get started with Office 365 apps

Get started with Office 365 apps

Matt Blowes July 28, 2017 How To, Office 365

Each upgrade or feature update to Microsoft Office brings disruption and change. Menus change, functions are altered and sometimes it's just easy to forget how to do something. Microsoft have created a way to get back up to speed in moments.

The Microsoft Office team have created scores of short how-to lessons to help get started for the first time, or to go over in a quick refresh. Named Office basics, each contains a simple how-to and a brief video demonstration running just over a minute, as seen below. 

The lessons can help staff get started with Office apps for the first time or provide a refresher after jumping between version numbers (think Office 2010 > Office 2016). 

Microsoft have offered a straightforward flow chart for the lessons. The chart is available as a PDF, including direct links to each how-to and video. The full list of Office basics lessons are available here

Help is always available

When using Office, or any piece of technology, frustration can quickly set in without a guide.  

Sentrian's Ask Me Anything series is a growing catalogue of processes and information requests we often receive. For example, our recent post on how to forward an email as an attachment in Outlook

Of course if you can't find an answer with the Office lessons or Sentrian AMA pages above, our Service Desk is ready to help. Contact us at or 1300 791 678 for urgent requests. 

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