Full guest access coming to Microsoft Teams

Full guest access coming to Microsoft Teams

Matt Blowes March 01, 2018 Office 365, Collaboration, Cloud Services

Microsoft TeamsA year after the official release of Microsoft Teams, full guest access will finally be possible. A new update will allow anyone with an email address to be invited to a team and they can have the same access and editing rights as a member of the Team organisation. 

It's a significant development for Microsoft Teams. Until now, administrators could only add external guests if the guest already had an Azure Active Directory account. That's a significant hurdle considering Teams encourages quick team creation and access. 

For transparency, while guests can have a wide range of rights, they will always be clearly marked as a guest in the team.  

Full guest access has been expected for some time. It was first promised last year, and has been considered necessary due to Microsoft's plan to eventually replace Skype for Business with Teams

What do I need to know?
  • Guest access will be enabled for some Office 365 business accounts in the next week, starting March 5. Microsoft expects guest access to be turned on for all within the next two weeks, by March 16.
  • However once Guest access is possible for an Office 365 business account, it must be turned on by an administrator before users can add guests. Guest access in Microsoft Teams is switched off by default. 
  • Only an email address is required to add a guest. However if that email account is not associated with a Microsoft account, one will have to be created. E.g. a Gmail address will need to be activated as a Microsoft account. This process is straightforward.

Adding a guest in Teams works like adding any other Team member.Adding a guest to a Team works very similarly to adding an internal member. 

Once enabled and switched on, adding a guest will be easy. Team administrators can simply add the guest using the same process as adding a member from within their organisation. 

Many businesses with Office 365 have Microsoft Teams included in their subscription, but are yet to take advantage of the platform. 

If you're currently interest in how your business can make the most of Microsoft Teams, please contact your Sentrian Client Services Manager

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