Four steps toward better account security

Four steps toward better account security

Matt Blowes October 11, 2018 Security

A strong strategy for staying safe online requires reducing security risks and making yourself a difficult target for criminals. 

This year's Stay Smart Online Week highlighted four areas to improve security: passwords, phishing awareness, software updates & careful use of public Wi-Fi. 

We've put together a collection of our own resources that can help you take control of your security: 

  1. Passwords
  2. Phishing
  3. Updates
    • Sentrian managed clients will receive software updates according to their organisation-level policy. Non-urgent security updates are generally delayed for a period to ensure compatibility and no issues occur (see the recent Windows 10 lost data issue).
    • Otherwise, ensure your devices have software updates to auto-update or install them as soon as you become aware. Security flaws are constantly being fixed in software updates and it is important to keep your devices up-to-date. 
  4. Public Wi-Fi

There are plenty of other helpful tips at our Sentrian Help page below and feel free to contact us if there is a topic you'd like to know more about

If you're interested in improving your organisation's IT security, please feel free to contact your Sentrian Client Service Manager

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