Fake Office 365 email posing as Sentrian spreading

Fake Office 365 email posing as Sentrian spreading

Graeme Wilson June 10, 2019 Security

A malicious email posing as Sentrian support asking to "Confirm" details has been detected by our engineers.

The fake email claims a support request needs validation by clicking a button. 

If you may have clicked or interacted with an email similar to the one below, please contact our Service Desk immediately at 1300 791 678.

Identify the malicious email

Fake Sentrian-Office 365 support request email

Other signs the email is fake:

  • Sender email domain is not from sentrian.com.au and is fake.
  • Sentrian does not send support requests with Office 365 branding
  • Sentrian does not send support request validation emails
  • Sentrian does not use requests prefixed by 'ID'
  • Office 365 branding is not formatted well
Stay safe, don't feel trapped by email

If you ever feel uneasy or unsure about an email, you can always call our Service Desk at 1300 791 678 to discuss any support request or suspicious email. 

Most Service Desk emails are automated as we acknowledge and process support requests, and do not require interaction (we typically only include a link that requests feedback on our performance). 

Here are some resources to help protect you and your colleagues:

Sentrian Help

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