Creating workspaces that inspire

Creating workspaces that inspire

James Sowry August 13, 2014 News & Announcements

It's no secret that creating the right environment is a key ingredient for a happy and productive workforce.

Think about spend roughly half your waking hours at work. How many times have you adjusted the settings on your chair in an attempt to get comfortable? Can you make a cup of coffee in the time it takes for your PC to boot up? Do you glance around for inspiration only to be met with a sea of muted colours in a featureless workspace?

While the culture of the organisation you work for plays a huge part, creating a stimulating and comfortable physical environment lays the foundation for happy, productive staff and ultimately a successful business.

At Sentrian, our job is to help you take care of the IT aspects of your working environment. Our solutions equip you with the right hardware and software for the job, combined with reliable, timely and knowledgeable support services.

One client making good use of our Small Business hosted service is Human Ventures, a creative and cultural social enterprise focused on nurturing the development of marginalised individuals and communities.

Like Sentrian, Human Ventures believes their people are their business, and they wholeheartedly embrace the concept that by creating the right physical environment we can transform our offices into stimulating and engaging workplaces.

Human Ventures Office
Not just a stock image. Human Ventures transform workspaces with creative, custom designed art.

When relocating to new office space in Brisbane's CBD, the Human Ventures team quickly realised that they needed to plan for more than just a fast Internet connection and relocation of their server. The mostly beige, characterless environment was hardly representative of the creative, innovative people who work there. The solution - custom designed, hand-painted wall art designed to invite interaction and stimulate creative thought.

Human Ventres Environmental Graphics create inspiring workspaces

Extending this service to organisations across Brisbane is one of the corporate services that helps Human Ventures fund their social programs. They offer custom designed Environmental Graphics solutions for office interior and exteriors, using a variety of mediums, to help create workspaces that inspire, engage and reflect the aspirations of organisations and the people that work in them. They seek to help inspire us beyond the rectangular monitors we work with every day.

Human Ventures General Manager James Boreham says making a positive difference is key, "Creativity drives social change. Our model allows us to help organisations and invest in the community".

Want to know more about Human Ventures and how their Environmental Graphics can transform your office?

Contact Human Ventures on (07) 3012 8531 or learn more here.

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