Can you work from just an iPad?

Can you work from just an iPad?

Matt Blowes August 06, 2014 Technology

Imagine if 80% of your job could be done from an iPad or tablet. Would you want to?

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said yes and he thinks everyone sitting behind a PC should be able to as well. Like Macworld, Cook's claim inspired us to ask around the office, can a tablet be your main work device?

ipad air-mini

Yes, but what about Productivity?

Our sage Client Services Manager, Rob says it's theoretically possible for him to switch over to an iPad with a major exception, "I have a suspicion that my productivity would drop as navigating around the interface would probably be a lot harder".

Typing the odd email on an iPad is quick and easy but writing anything longer on a touch screen can be uncomfortable and take longer than using a physical keyboard.

Despite regular improvements to touch screen interfaces, they're still not as fast as devices designed for a keyboard and mouse.

External Device Support

Even if you are able to use your iPad with a dock, external monitor and Bluetooth keyboard, you'll still be forced to use the touchscreen to navigate. Android devices can support mice but apps are still designed with the touch screen in mind.

No matter the case, it's unlikely any tablet docking setup will be as effective and quick as a PC.

In some cases, it simply won't work

Our Systems Engineer Graeme doesn't make excuses, using an iPad or tablet won't work for him. While he thinks it may work for others, not having a large or multiple screens with a keyboard and mouse operating a Windows environment, are too many deal-breakers. The software support he needs just isn't there.


SurfacePro3How can it work?

Deploying tablets for your office will require mobile device management for any organised rollout and for using them for anything more intense than email. In many cases, a tablet solution will not prove any simpler or easier than any other BYOD program.

Although it's only just starting to reach our shores now, Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3 may strike the right balance of software and hardware support but it's still only early days for the device.

It's still difficult to see iPads replacing our office PCs and after all, Tim Cook still uses another device for 20% of his work.

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