BYOD, Backups & the Cloud: Spiceworks' State of IT 2014

Matt Blowes August 12, 2014 Cloud Services, IT Trends

Spiceworks' State of IT 2014 Report is here and the results are all about BYOD, backups and the cloud.

Although the Australian market isn't included in this particular study, Spiceworks do a fantastic job of taking the pulse of IT adoption, trends and opinions across businesses world wide and presenting the results in an interactive and engaging way. This can be invaluable when you need data to support a new business case, or are looking for how other organisations have approached the challenges you are currently facing.

In this article, we cut through to the highlights and reveal what's coming next in the world of IT and how it can benefit your business.

The Cloud

The cloud is mainstream. The majority of businesses, over 60%, now use at least one cloud service. Web hosting and email are currently the most popular cloud services used but future adoption trends point to more comprehensive IT solutions.

Coming in as the #1 cloud service businesses plan to adopt within the next six months is Backup and Recovery. Cloud backups offer scalable, automated and secure solutions for businesses wanting to take the hassle out of a local backup.

Application Hosting is also in demand with businesses looking to simplify their in-office IT environment. With your applications and data in the cloud, coupled with an online backup solution included, application hosting can reduce your in-office IT requirements to workstations, printers and a reliable internet connection.


Breaking it down, the support rate for BYOD is similar to cloud services. The way we use IT is becoming more and more online and we want to be able to use whatever device we like to access the services we need. An effective Mobile Device Management solution helps you secure and maintain a BYOD rollout for your business.

Smartphones lead the pack in BYOD adoption with tablets following closely behind as laptops are more likely supported by smaller businesses. The trend appears to be the more portable the device, the more likely businesses will support them.

Here are some of the key statistics on BYOD support:

  • 83% of businesses with 19 or less employees support BYOD; 68% for 20-99 employees.
  • 71% of businesses with 19 or less employees use BYOD smartphones, 62% use tablets; businesses with 20-99 employees were roughly 10% less.
  • Laptop adoption remains high at 60% for businesses with 19 employees or less, but drops dramatically to 33% for businesses with 20-99 employees.

Find out more

Click here to read the complete and interactive State of IT 2014 Report by Spiceworks.

To learn how cloud services, BYOD support or other new IT solutions can improve your business, contact your Sentrian Client Services Manager.

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