Backup, Backup, Backup.

Matt Blowes May 26, 2014 Backup and Disaster Recovery

Imagine your website goes offline. Your data and emails are gone. You try to contact your hosting provider, they don't respond for a week. Unfortunately for 18 users of the website hosting provider Crazy Domains this scenario became real for them earlier this month after their websites went dark and were permanently lost.

How did Crazy Domains respond? A message saying data backups are not their responsibility and offering $100 credit in compensation.

One customer said the debacle will cost their business $2000 just to restore their operations to normal again.

What can you do?

Independent backups are the best way for your business to secure its data. Crazy Domains have demonstrated that even large online data providers can fail without adequate backups process. Taking responsibility for your backup means knowing your data is secure and no longer relying on assumptions, like your provider is too-big-to-fail. Let's look at a few tips for choosing an effective backup:

  • Scalability - You want a backup solution that fits your business. You don't need unlimited storage and a 5 employee business will need a different solution than a 20 or 50 employee-sized business. Look for customisable options.
  • Automated - Backups aren't fun. Remembering to sync up an external drive can take time away from business operations, miss vital data and only be done irregularly. Automation means your data is backed up at regular intervals without taking up your time or being vulnerable to human error.
  • Speed - When your primary data is corrupted or destroyed your business will need its data quickly. Choose a backup that can restore your data without delay.

How can we help?

Sentrian Online Backup is designed to protect your data in a secure, off-site location. It's designed to be simple, scalable and automated so your business can be back online as quick as possible. To find out more or how Sentrian Online Backup can work for your business, contact your Sentrian Client Services Manager or see our product info sheet below.

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