Avoid the network strain from the iOS 8 release

Avoid the network strain from the iOS 8 release

Matt Blowes September 17, 2014 Connectivity

netbox-logoThe latest major release of iOS is here and it's big. Weighing in at around 2 gigabytes for both iPhones and iPads, iOS 8 is set to be released at 3am AEST on September 18. Even just a handful of people downloading it in your office at the same time may bring your network to a crawl for hours.

Netbox Blue's Large Object Cache is designed to avoid the strain on your office's internet connection. Once the large update is downloaded for one user, it is stored locally on the cache for other users to install.

For example, once someone on the network has downloaded iOS 8 for their iPhone 5S, the cache will hold it as well. When other iPhone 5S users request the update, their devices will be directed to the cache. They won't have to connect to iTunes over the internet to download the file again.

We mentioned the Large Object Cache last year ahead of the Mavericks release for OS X but this post is a reminder, if not for iOS 8 but for OS X Yosemite due next month.

How to get the Large Object Cache

Netbox Blue describes the Large Object Cache as a "no-charge feature", meaning it is free to current Netbox Blue customers. The cache is able to store major updates for iOS and OS X as well as major Adobe software updates.

Contact your Sentrian Client Services Manager for more information on Netbox Blue and how your business can use the Large Object Cache.

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