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Robert Wilkinson

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How to ensure the phones keep ringing when office closures are mandated

Robert Wilkinson  March 26, 2020 "Telephony", COVID-19

The fastest, simplest way to get your team working remotely with a hosted telephony solution.

I survived a 48 hour COVID-19 self isolation

Robert Wilkinson  March 19, 2020 Opinion, COVID-19

Insights from our very own Rob on his experience of a forced COVID-19 isolation. The downside is not a surprise!

The biggest data breach threat today and the silver bullet to stop it.

Robert Wilkinson  March 11, 2020 Security

Details of the current biggest threat to data breach and how applying MFA will stop it.

In (cyber) space, no one can hear you scream.

Robert Wilkinson  February 04, 2020 Security

The top 4 security trends that could come back to bite you if you ignore them.

5 Christmas Tech Toys to Absolutely Avoid

Robert Wilkinson  December 11, 2019 Technology, Opinion

Have you been wondering which tech gadgets you should be considering for Christmas gifts this year? Not these!

The top 4 strategies for combating cybercrime

Robert Wilkinson  September 13, 2017 Security, Legal

Cybercrime was a strong theme at the 2017 LawTech summit. Here we explain the top 4 cyber security strategies recommended by the Australian Signals Directorate.

Introducing BYOD leads to fewer IT support calls

Robert Wilkinson  February 05, 2015 Managed Services

Recent research has found that nearly 40 per cent of people using their own mobile devices at work had IT issues "much less often" compared to those with company-supplied devices.

Introducing BYOD to your workplace

Robert Wilkinson  November 19, 2014 Technology

Introducing BYOD to your workplace

iOS Backups: iCloud or iTunes?

Robert Wilkinson  May 28, 2014 Cloud Services

Why you should backup your iOS devices to iCloud and iTunes.