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The exciting world of Home Automation

Adrian Scrimshaw  May 27, 2020

If you're currently spending more time thinking about home gadgets to make life a little easier (or just more fun!) then this blog is for you.

Getting ready to return to the office

Adrian Scrimshaw  May 20, 2020 COVID-19, working from home

Technology tips for when you're ready to move your work back to the office.

Data and Storage Management Explained

Adrian Scrimshaw  May 05, 2020 Managed Services

A quick look at the different types of data you may be holding and an explanation of how to effectively manage and store it.

Microsoft ATP - What is it?  And why do I need it?

Adrian Scrimshaw  April 28, 2020 Security

Now, more than ever, we are required to be aware of fraudulent email attacks. Learn how Microsoft ATP can keep you safe no matter where you're working.

Alcohol to your door (and a bonus coffee too!)

Adrian Scrimshaw  April 22, 2020 COVID-19

Check out our grog blog for some great tips on where to buy alcohol on-line while self isolating.

Using technology to improve your health

Adrian Scrimshaw  April 15, 2020 IT Trends, COVID-19

Take a look at our fitness technology tips as the stay-at-home directive gives us more time to work on our exercise regime.

Changes to Office 365 - just when you thought you understood them

Adrian Scrimshaw  April 08, 2020 Office 365, Microsoft 365

Microsoft have announced name changes to their Office 365 suite of products.

Keeping up the socials while being socially distant!

Adrian Scrimshaw  April 02, 2020 Opinion

On-line socialising has arrived and will become more popular than ever. Learn about some of our favourites as we all learn to socialise from a distance.

Apps you need to check out! You won't believe #7! (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Adrian Scrimshaw  February 12, 2020 IT Trends, Mobile

Check out these apps currently in use and recommended by the Sentrian team.