Scammers target users by posing as the Federal Court

Scammers target users by posing as the Federal Court

Matt Blowes August 04, 2016 Security

Criminals and scammers are tricking unsuspecting people via email by posing as the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. The Australian Financial Review reports the scam poses as a notice for the person to appear in court as a witness.


fcca-Scam-email-image Scam FCCA email


Clicking on the link leads to a page asking the user to download a "security code" in a .zip file. The .zip file contains the ransomware software. If opened, it will encrypt the user's computer.

The telltale sign the email is a scam is the email sender's address, ''. Other variations on that address have also been reported, including ''.

The Federal Circuit Court warns users that they should not expect to receive legitimate emails like the scam.

"Neither the Federal Court nor the Federal Circuit Court issue subpoenas in such an informal way. These emails have not been issued by the Court and are fraudulent."

The court scam arrives at the time of year when we'd expect to normally see an increase in tax-related attacks.

To learn more about scam and ransomware emails, see our recent post on picking the fake email from the real email.

If you suspect your organisation has been attacked or you have received a suspicious email, please contact the Sentrian Service Desk immediately on 1300 791 678, or email for non-urgent issues.

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