Robots can now build homes as Australia goes automated

Robots can now build homes as Australia goes automated

Matt Blowes August 09, 2016 Technology, Improvement, IT Trends

Automation is leaving the drawing-board and entering the mainstream.

Earlier this year, a West Australian company posted a video of its prototype bricklaying robot. While impressive at first glance, it shines by being able to perform at the same standards as a human brick layer only four times faster.

Dubbed "The Fastbrick Hadrian 105", the robot can lay 225 bricks an hour. It can take even a high performing person roughly half a day to do the same amount of work. It is yet another example of businesses looking to make the most of automation for more and more complex tasks.

More established businesses are also doubling down on their automation efforts. Coca Coca Amatil recently announced it is adopting a nation-wide automation project in Australia, according to iTnews. The drink-maker hopes to find savings with the technology across its IT, engineering, and operations teams, “with a view to optimising technology investments in plant and equipment.”

Where to start with automation

For many non-Corporate businesses, automation can sound like too big of an investment. It's actually not. One person trying out a few simple tools to make day-to-day tasks like email or to-do lists simpler is the easiest way to get started with automation.

Meetings can be scheduled, reminders can alert you and clients can be be reassured with communications - all automatically.

More complex solutions are also available, for routine tasks like invoicing, payroll, inventory and the list goes on.

If you'd like to know more about automation and how it can improve efficiency in your business, contact your Sentrian Client Services Manager.

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