The Australian Signals Directorate guide to avoiding malicious email

The Australian Signals Directorate guide to avoiding malicious email

Matt Blowes December 01, 2016 Security

The Malicious Email Mitigation Strategies Guide for IT pros offers a simple breakdown of effective email security practices. Admins can compare their own security practices, including price to effectiveness, against the Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD) suggested tactics. Furthermore, practices are categorised from excellent to poor security effectiveness. See how your strategy stacks up against the guide here.

Despite the guide being aimed at IT pros, there are a few tips we can all follow:

  • Do not open suspicious email attachments.
  • Do not open ANY email attachments that require a password to open or are encrypted themselves. Email content filters cannot decrypt and validate their safety.
  • Disable or control Microsoft Office macros. Macros should be disabled by default without the ability to enable by standard users. Trusted macros should only be whitelisted (allowed) by high level users.
  • Hover over links to verify destination. If not completely certain, ignore.

You can learn how to become an email security expert here, and stay up-to-date on the latest email threats with our regularly updated post here.

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