Are you using Microsoft Teams to reduce e-mail?

Are you using Microsoft Teams to reduce e-mail?

James Sowry September 13, 2019 Collaboration, Microsoft 365

What is Microsoft Teams?

A functional organization is something like a centipede; for any notable progress to occur, all legs must be moving in a single direction. That is only achievable with a fast, seamless means of communication. Microsoft Teams is one platform through which this is achievable. The app was created to help teams work better together by communicating effectively in a secure and customized virtual workspace where they can collaborate, have conversations, and share files all in real-time. Teams allows users to find channels they belong to or create a channel of their own; catch up on all unread messages and social media mentions; exchange voice and video calls; and schedule meetings. It eradicates the need for using emails by providing one-on-one, as well as group chats and calls. The best part? Microsoft Teams is available on most Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans at no additional cost.

One significant development is Microsoft’s decision to replace Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams. This was done with the intention of creating a single hub for communication, teamwork, and business collaboration. This move jolted Teams to be the primary communications client within Office 365, a position which seems to be very effective, as Microsoft reports a hike in users (from launch in 2016 to 13+ million daily users as of July this year according to the Microsoft 365 blog).   

Which Office 365 Plans include Teams?

Instead of charging separately for the services Microsoft Teams offers, the app is synced into the Office 365 for Business platform. Both the Office 365 Business and Enterprise plans grant users access to Teams at no additional cost.

Why use Teams?

As mentioned earlier, Teams integrates with the entire Microsoft software service platform, bringing all your favorite apps to you at no extra cost. It is already synced with your Office 365 account; hence, all you need is one login username and password.

Furthermore, the application also allows for guest users like your clients and suppliers, which gives room for a neatly tailored and super-organized business channel where thoughts and ideas can flow freely and be implemented at the speed of light. It handles all internal communication within an organization, as well as external communication in some cases; this can serve as a great alternative to traditional emails. Its cloud storage also gives room for seamless and efficient file storage, sharing, and access.

What are the alternatives to Teams?


Slack is Microsoft Team’s greatest rival. With a free alternative and over 10 million daily active users, Slack offers similar functions utilizing a different approach. The platform’s simple user interface and ability to interact with a large number of third party applications is a major plus; however, the fact that Microsoft Teams comes fully integrated to your already existing Office 365 account at no additional cost makes it compelling for organisations already using Microsoft Office 365.


Zoom dominates the video conferencing market with its easy usability and consistent voice quality. Microsoft Teams has also made notable advancements in this area and provides quality services to its users.  We still use Zoom almost daily for client video conference meetings because it is so easy for clients to join the meetings, but Teams is catching up fast .

How to get started with Teams

To get started with Microsoft Teams today, you should speak to your CSM for more information or to give you a demo.

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