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Vodafone & TPG announce merger

Matt Blowes  August 30, 2018 Connectivity, IT Trends

Worth an estimated $15 billion, the new giant telco will rival Optus in size as the merged company looks to shake up Australia's mobile market.

Digital transformation leading tech trends in 2018

Matt Blowes  August 28, 2018 Digital Strategy, IT Trends, Opinion

Digital transformation is changing the way we look at maintaining and improving IT. Businesses are demanding more use-cases, while becoming more and more reliant on IT functionality.

Malicious attacks leading cause of data breaches in new report

Matt Blowes  August 20, 2018 IT Trends, Security

The first regular quarterly report for the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme revealed an expected trend: criminals are trying to steal data and staff continue to make mistakes. See our tips for tackling both issues.

Introducing the Service Desk Callback feature

Graeme Wilson  August 13, 2018 News & Announcements, Sentrian One

We've made a small but significant change to the Service Desk phone support to help reduce wait times. Try our Callback feature the next time you call our Service Desk.

Choosing the best password manager in 2018

Matt Blowes  August 07, 2018 How To, Security

A password manager can automatically generate secure passwords & take away the need to remember multiple passwords. See our recommended service and our quick guide for getting started.

Chrome begins marking all 'HTTP' websites as 'Not secure'

Matt Blowes  August 03, 2018 Security, Software

Google implements a significant security policy shift after years of preparation. It marks a push to change the way people consider website data security.