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Construction industry turns to the cloud

Matt Blowes  July 20, 2018 Cloud Services, IT Trends, Construction

The John Holland Group has moved 100% into the cloud as performance gains take priority.

Important tasks added to Microsoft To-Do

Matt Blowes  July 18, 2018 Office 365, Software

Microsoft continues to roll-out regular feature updates for its task management app To-Do. Users can now mark high-priority tasks as important. Plus, List Sharing now includes attribution.

Microsoft Teams adds archiving, free version

Matt Blowes  July 13, 2018 Cloud Services, Office 365

Microsoft finally has a free version that offers a significant amount of functionality & will be appealing for small businesses. Plus can finally be archived into a read-only mode.

Microsoft announces low-cost Surface Go

Matt Blowes  July 10, 2018 Technology, Hardware

Microsoft targets the lower end of the market with a new 2-in-1 style tablet. Similar in design to the Surface Pro, the new Surface Go aims to retain the creation capabilities of a PC at a reduced cost.

Microsoft reveals basic security improvements can reduce attack risk

Matt Blowes  July 03, 2018 Security

The wide-ranging survey of Asia-Pacific businesses details some easy & promising recommendations, but paints a damning picture of current security practices used by many businesses.