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Four facts that need to be in your Out-of-Office message

Matt Blowes  June 27, 2018 How To, Office 365

How to keep your contacts informed and productive when you're out of the office. See our quick guide and template.

Sentrian Centurions complete the Oxfam Trailwalker 2018!

James Sowry  June 25, 2018 News & Announcements

We did it! All eight of our Sentrian Centurions finished the 55 km Oxfam Trailwalker thanks to your support.

Microsoft Office 2019 may have a muted launch

Matt Blowes  June 20, 2018 Opinion, Office 365, Software

We're months away from the expected release of Office 2019, yet there is little hype driven by Microsoft. See what's in the Office 2019 Commercial Preview and why Office 365 users won't notice much change.

Top 100 passwords you should stop using immediately

Matt Blowes  June 14, 2018 Security

A new graph shows weak passwords continue to be popular. Using one of the top 100 popular passwords found in recent data breaches can lead to your accounts being breached in seconds.

Microsoft To-Do introduces List Sharing

Matt Blowes  June 07, 2018 Office 365, Software

Microsoft is adding more and more new features to Microsoft To-Do with users now able to collaborate for the first time.

Group FaceTime and tongue detection coming soon to your iPhone

Matt Blowes  June 05, 2018 Technology, Software

Apple has promised performance boosts to its older model iPhone devices, multiple users can join a FaceTime chat, and Animoji gets even more life-like with tongue detection. See all the highlights from Apple's WWDC 2018.