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Developing an IT security culture in 2018

Graeme Wilson  May 30, 2018 Opinion, Security

Changing a few policies & enabling a few settings can set your business on a security conscious path. See how Amazon's five steps to build a security culture can scale to organisations of any size.

Google Chrome is removing 'Secure' notices

Matt Blowes  May 28, 2018 Security

Google will soon remove the green security lock icon from the Chrome address bar. Here is a preview of what will take its place and why you'll see more 'Not Secure' warnings.

Sentrian Karma Keg event for Oxfam Trailwalker

James Sowry  May 24, 2018 News & Announcements

We have two Karma Kegs on tap and you're invited to Newstead Brewing Co in Milton to support our Oxfam Trailwalker teams.

Sentrian Guide to Avoiding Email Scams

Graeme Wilson  May 22, 2018 Security

Our six steps to avoid being duped by emerging email scams. See how to respond to suspicious email and what to do if you think you're being attacked.

Your business may soon receive automated calls from actual people

Matt Blowes  May 15, 2018 Technology, IT Trends, AI

Google Duplex offers the promise of calendar scheduling without the work. It's an AI technology that will arrange meetings and appointments in the background by calling contacts and businesses while you continue your day.

Microsoft is bringing Windows closer to your phone

Matt Blowes  May 09, 2018 Cloud Services, Technology, BYOD

Microsoft Launcher, Edge and Your Phone apps aim to bring a more seamless experience when going between your computer and mobile devices. The apps are powered by the new Windows Timeline.

Windows 10 receives new features with the April update

Matt Blowes  May 01, 2018 Technology

More visual changes to Windows 10 and a clever timeline feature will be implemented in the latest update, arriving just shy of the third anniversary of the operating system.