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Chrome to require website security certificates, will distrust Symantec certificates

Matt Blowes  February 27, 2018 Security

Google Chrome will soon display security warnings on websites that have an SSL certificate issued by Symantec, or if the website doesn't have one at all.

Australian's asked to comment on new '.au' domain name changes

Matt Blowes  February 20, 2018 IT Trends

Reforms to Australia's domain name system are on the cards, with '.au' addresses coming soon. The public consultation period for the changes is closing soon.

Australian businesses required to notify data breach victims

James Sowry  February 15, 2018 Security

The Notifiable Data Breaches scheme is about to come into effect and a significant number of Australian businesses are required to comply.

Cryptomining attack hit Australian government websites

Matt Blowes  February 12, 2018 Security

A third party service on thousands of government websites had been compromised by a cryptomining attack.

How ransomware can take an entire business offline

Matt Blowes  February 08, 2018 Security

After one of the world's largest freight companies was taken offline for days due to ransomware, a new threat is emerging.

Office 2019 is a Windows 10 exclusive, previews begin soon

Matt Blowes  February 07, 2018 Office 365

Windows 7 users are set to miss out on the next major iteration of Microsoft Office when it is released later this year.